About Me

Hello! My name is Rob. I’m a tech marketer from Pittsburgh who loves movies. Early in my career, I applied to jobs in Los Angeles just to get closer to where movies were made. I had no intention of creating them but wanted to be close to the spirit of them.

I was hired by an awesome internet tech startup in the valley. The office was in Studio City directly across from Universal Hollywood. I would wake up in a beautiful villa-style house in North Hollywood and ride my bike to work in the SoCal sun, passing the studios that funded the movies I loved and being around the people who created them.

This love for movies can be traced back to experiencing The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001 when I was 13-years-old. I saw that movie in theaters four times, and many times after on the Toshiba 43-inch “big screen” my mom gifted to my dad for Christmas.

These days, I’m back in Pittsburgh and still love being close to the spirit of movies. I stay connected by reading screenplays, writing spec scripts, and yes, watching movies. However, after a spiritual awakening in 2019, my taste in movies changed. I had always loved movies with big hearts, but they were the only movies I could watch after this experience.

This experience and my love for movies inspired Scene Lift.

About Scene Lift

Scene Lift is another way I connect with the spirit of movies. More specifically, it’s a way to connect with spirit through movies. Movies that open our hearts, help us heal, and inspire us to live well are created by a collective love. The goal of this community is to tap into that love.

Every Saturday, an uplifting movie scene is shared with a question related to the spirit of the scene. This question is for evoking a reflection about how you can apply it to your own life. You can share that reflection in the comments. The aim is to make Scene Lift a place where movie lovers share their stories, support each other, and connect with what’s good.

Kindness. Love. Truth.


P.S. — You can send me a note on LinkedIn, check out my screenwriting on Coverfly, or see how I also help tech startups use Substack for content marketing.


Robert Gibb
I reflect on uplifting movie scenes at Scene Lift and help startups launch their newsletter.