A scene from Lost In Translation about intimacy between friends and the desire for more. Have you experienced a romantic friendship?
A scene from Awakenings about letting go of someone you love. Have you let go of someone you love to realize a deeper love for them?
A scene from Cast Away about endurance and faith in life. Which challenge did you recently experience, and what gave you hope?
A scene from WeCrashed about returning to the heart when the soul of a company is compromised. Have you experienced "soul suck" within a company?

December 2022

A scene from Black Mirror about what it looks like to encounter a soulmate for the first time. Would you use artificial intelligence to find a soulmate?
A scene from Mary Magdalene about not waiting to live your best life
A scene from Top Gun: Maverick about being insubordinate to do what's right
A scene from Say Anything about choosing honesty over empty words

November 2022

A scene from Mud about letting go of someone you love to live well